Welcome to Luxury Travel Babe Blog. I’m Jamila! Founder of Luxury travel babe.

I’ve been specializing in travel journalism for quite a few years now, as well as luxury travel content creation/ promotion. I’m a Jamaican-Canadian Travel blogger born and raised in Toronto Canada.

I’ve always had a worldwide passion for travel and sharing luxury and memorable experiences with friends, family, and anyone I come across like you right now! 🙂 My twin sis is my usual travel buddy. You’ll occasionally find a few posts from her on this blog. As well as other great writers.

On luxurytravelbabe.com, you’ll find the juiciest info on luxury hotels, bucket-list experiences, and useful travel topics & tips.

We’re dedicated on recommending the best travel experiences to people worldwide, and in our home country of Canada.

We hope you can gather the best travel ideas from us and hope you’ll feel inspired to live your best life! ✨✈️

Luxury Travel Babe

Jamila & Jaleesa Bell.

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