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What is Solo Travel? Why should you try it? Solo travel allows you to enjoy every single day of your trip. When you’re alone, you’re more observant of your surroundings. Thinking of solo travelling to Portugal? You are going to notice every little thing. The trees, the beautiful crystal blue waters, The fresh air, probably even the ground.

You will notice everything 10 times more than if you were to travel with somebody. I’m somebody who’s really independent, and I’ve always had the mindset of never waiting on anybody, I believe Solo Travel for Woman is essential. If you’re a woman who loves traveling. Going on a solo trip at least once in your lifetime will completely change your perspective on it. You might even be Interested in joining different solo travel groups afterwards. I know I definitely was.

Another reason why solo travel is something you should consider is because you don’t have to count on anybody. Some of us may have friends who just don’t like traveling, don’t have the funds at the moment, or friends who just aren’t the best to plan things with. When you’re consumed by wanderlust, travelling is your passion. Which means you don’t have time to be waiting on anybody. This is another good reason as to why you should consider solo travelling.

“Travelling alone?! But what if something happens to me?” as long as you are smart when travelling alone, You will be completely fine. Keep a lock on your suitcase, and on all your valuable items and belongings. If you’re leaving your hotel room, or wherever you’re booking, please be sure to lock your door. Surprisingly many people do forget this, Mistakes do you happen, but it is 100% essential that you protect yourself and have your guard up at all times and at at all costs when travelling alone.

If you’re planning on solo traveling, Feel free to let me know in the comments below where, as a experienced solo traveler to many different countries and cities. I can guarantee solo travelling will definitely be a cherishable moment for you forever.

Luxury Travel Babe <3

Jamila Bell.

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