Why Every Individual Should Solo Travel At least Once in Life

You might hear about “Solo Travel” often, but not really sure about the value it brings and the importance of it. Solo Travel allows you to explore any environment you’re going on in a more personal level. I love it because you end up truly finding yourself during it. I’m a Travel writer who travels often, but I don’t always have somebody to bring with me as everybody has different schedules. This inspired me to embrace solo traveling.

The great part about solo traveling is that it does 3 main valuable things for you.

1. Allows you to do as according to your own plans during your trip.

2. You appreciate and pay closer attention to your surroundings.

3. You find yourself during the process.

Number 1. The reason as to why Solo Travelling allows you to do as according to your own plans, is because you are your own boss during this time. There is absolutely nobody that can give you input on how your day should go. You have the freedom to explore. I Solo travelled to Istanbul Turkey a few months back, one thing I did remember was having the ability to book a cruise at my desired time. This gave me the flexibility to plan the rest of my day to my liking. This day ended up being so awesome and I ended my night with dinner reservations at the gorgeous hotel I stayed in.

Number 2. The reason as to why you appreciate and pay closer attention to your surroundings while Solo Travelling is because there’s nobody there to distract you. Because of this, your trip is now actually worth the money and experience. I went to book an Airbnb one day, and I had plans later on in that day as well, but earlier being in that high-rise condo with spectacular city views, consistently grabbed my attention and allowed me to take in my surroundings on a more deeper and appreciative level. I felt so grateful to be able to witness such amazing view in a spectacular condo. You also start to pay closer attention to your safety. Me personally, Whenever I’m travelling alone, I’ve never forgotten to lock the door of any destination I was staying in, compared to travelling with others. it was never a common mistake of mine‘s but, it happens, and surprisingly also happens with a lot travelers. Solo Travel allows you to remember these things as you don’t have any other extra weight to carry or remember.

Number 3. The reason as to why you find yourself during the process is because you’re doing what makes you happy. Travelling and being in a new environment in general allows you to forget whatever that was bringing you down prior to your trip. Depression and anxiety is a very common thing that a lot of people struggle with, And travel has been known to help that. According to neuroscientists, when we travel, we rewire our brains. This gives Solo Travelers a chance to start fresh and enjoy a new journey and beginning. Whenever I’m anxious about anything nowadays, I find myself wanting to book the next fight out of my city, or trying a new adventure or activity. I always end up feeling much better than I did prior. I find myself on a personal perspective, remembering who I am, why I deserve to smile, and why I love traveling. Solo travelling is truly an escape to inner-peace and healing.

Solo Travel opens the mind up to new Beginning’s and journeys. There’s also people who enjoy Solo Travel groups & Solo Travel for women groups. These are so awesome because you get to meet a whole bunch of likeminded people with usually the same story as you. These people enjoy exploring the world on their own just like you do. Solo Travel groups would also be a perfect place to make new friends. These are the reasons as to why every individual should try solo Travelling at least once in their lifetime.

Luxury Travel Babe <3

Jamila Bell.

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