The Best Montreal Zipline Activity To Try This Summer

Montreal Zip Line Adventure

you need to be sure to try Montreal ‘s famous poutine. I’ve made the biggest mistake by going to Montreal and never actually giving their famous poutines a chance. You definitely don’t want to make that mistake I did as Montreal is known for their amazing poutine‘s. If you’re unfamiliar with what a poutine is, it’s a Canadian dish made of French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. Montreal is about five hours and 30 minutes from where I live in Ontario. If I didn’t live so far from Montreal, I would’ve driven up there already to get myself a poutine that I’ve been missing out on for so long.

Stay tuned while I recommend The Best Zip Lining activity in Montreal!

This activity was one of the best activities i’ve ever decided to do in my entire life! We purchased our tickets on viator a day ahead of our early 5am trip to Montreal Quebec. After five hours and 30 minutes, we finally made it in Quebec. We checked into our hotel to freshen up, and headed back outside to do our activity. When we got to the activity’s destination. We had to wait in a line up with others to register, confirm proof of purchase and sign a waiver. At first I was hesitant because this is the first activity i’ve ever done, where I had to sign a waiver so I guess I was a little nervous.

After registering, confirming proof of purchase and signing the waiver, it was finally our turn. We made it to the front of the line and got strapped into the zip-lining activity. I remember shaking being so nervous because this was my first time I’ve ever even went zip lining. Once I was finally strapped in, the worker pushed me onto the line, and I remember all the nervousness I was feeling automatically went away. And I just felt on top of the world. It was the best feeling ever being so high up, and the gorgeous view around me and below me was breathtaking. When I finally made it to the other end of the zip line, I felt like doing another round.

The Montreal zip line adventure activity is over the Old Port of Montreal and 85-feet tall. You get to fly across 1200 feet of zipline and enjoy the downtown Montreal views. Whether you’re already in Montreal, planning on visiting soon, or never had it in mind at all, I highly recommend this activity. I promise it will be a special and fun time you’ll always remember and cherish.

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