Cute Luxury Boutique Hotels Worldwide

If you’re somebody like myself, you absolutely love boutique hotels, and cherish every moment you spend in them. If you aren’t familiar with a boutique hotel, perhaps you’re wondering, what is a boutique hotel? A boutique hotel is a small hotel which usually has no more than 100 rooms. They always tend to have more of a fashionable and stylish taste to them and focus more on design. I’m going to tell you about these cute luxury boutique hotels worldwide! One of them being the most recent boutique hotel we’ve visited.

Table of Contents:

  1. Stay Inn Hotel- Toronto

  2. The Marley Hotel- Palm Springs California

  3. St. Paul’s Hotel- London UK

  4. La Zebra Hotel- Tulum Mexico

Stay Inn Hotel- Toronto Canada

On top of having an amazing king jacuzzi suite with the stay Inn, They also provide breakfast. We had an option to choose from many different beverages like apple, orange & cranberry juice, and of course coffee and tea. The food options during our time of stay was muffin and a chose of bagels. I must admit, that was one of the best cranberry muffins I’ve ever had as they were fresh, huge and flavorful. If the Stay Inn hotel in Toronto gets more known & popular for they’re delicious muffins they serve in their hotel, I wouldn’t be surprised. The soaking jacuzzi tub was extremely comfortable and we enjoyed our time in there for about an hour with a glass of wine. We also had a interesting and funny experience with the tub overflowing with bubbles onto the floor. It made a huge mess that we ended up having to clean but regardless, The Stay Inn Boutique Hotel is where you can experience luxury on a budget. I guarantee you would enjoy your stay here.

The Marley Hotel- Palm Springs California

They are known to attract many different groups. whether you’re throwing a party, hosting an event, or just spending time with those you love, you’ll be able to enjoy a secluded experience. With all amenities such as a commercial size pool and spa, high speed WIFI and a large 4K TV. Their deluxe rooms come with Air conditioning, Kitchen in some rooms, Refrigerator, Microwave and Coffee maker. The amazing part about the Marley is that they are a private boutique hotel, which means you and your friends can enjoy it peacefully and privately. I 100% guarantee you will enjoy your stay at The Marley in Palm Springs California.

St. Paul’s Hotel- London United Kingdom

They offer amenities like a Mini bar, TV, WIFI and breakfast is also included with some rooms. St Paul’s hotel also has a nice restaurant called The Melody Restaurant. It also takes its name from the Same 1971 British film. Wouldn’t it be cool to know you’re staying somewhere with historical meaning to it? Somewhere classy and chic.
St. Paul’s hotel will be A historic and memberable experience for you that you’ll never forget!

La Zebra Hotel- Tulum Mexico

I recommend La Zebra Hotels Beach Front Balcony Penthouse With Plunge pool. This room is awesome with so much to offer! It comes with Complimentary Coffee and Tea,Purified water, beach bag and beach towels, Daily maid & turndown service, Complimentary Wi-Fi, luxurious Bathrobes & slippers & hairdryer, natural toiletries 1 King Sized Bed, 1 Single Bed, 1 Roll Away Single Bed. And so on! Whether you’re honeymoon is coming up, or just looking for a paradise experience in a beach boutique. This boutique Hotel will give you a unique jungle vibe which you’ll never forget it.

Luxury Travel Babe <3

Jamila Bell.

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