The Most Affordable Luxury Boat Cruise in Istanbul Turkey

If you’re in Istanbul Turkey, or visiting Istanbul Turkey, then I absolutely have to tell you about this fun boat cruise in turkey on the Bosporus river that will blow your mind with the insane views! Back in October, I’ve decided to take a solo travel trip all the way to Turkey from Canada. The total trip time was 34 hours including my layover in Poland, but I’ll be sure to discuss how to prepare for a long flight in another one of our blog posts. The main reason for my trip to Turkey was for dental work, but I also came to enjoy the beauty Istanbul has to offer. The first thing I did when I landed in Turkey was go straight to go google, I typed in “Boat Cruises Near Me” and the rest was history. If you’re somebody like me who loves trying new excursions and activities when visiting a new country. Then you need to book your cruise asap. Not to mention, this is probably the most affordable boat cruise you’ll ever find in Istanbul Turkey. Be sure to prove me wrong in the comments below if you find anything cheaper. 😀

-Luxury Travel Babe <3

Jamila Bell.

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